Weight Loss Hypnosis Program by Gastric Hypno Balloon

A Breakthrough In Weight Loss

Our self hypnosis program delves deep into the very core of you, discovering the issues that aren’t covered by most conventional treatments; what your problems are, where they begin, the problems they’re causing in your life right now and of course, most importantly, how you can eliminate them in order to easily, effortlessly and rapidly achieve the goal weight that you desire.

Gastric Hypno Balloon™

The Craving Destroyer

Gets straight to the heart of the problem by rapidly changing your relationship with food, the way you think about it and the way you behave around it. Destroys all of those ingrained thoughts and behaviours that have lead you to being overweight - comfort eating, mindless snacking - and replaces them with the habits and behaviours of a naturally slim person.

Motivation To Move

There's no need to join a gym or take up weight-lifting - unless you suddenly discover that that's where your passion lies! Even if you've never been tempted to move before, you'll find you have an irresistible urge to fire up your iPod and begin to walk, dance or do something that you really enjoy doing - and Move It To A More Attractive You!

Improving Self Confidence

Changes on the outside come as a DIRECT result of changes on the inside. Much of weight loss sabotage is caused by low-self esteem or a bad body image buried deep in your unconscious mind. Change these underlying beliefs and achieve dramatic results. Feel your self confidence soar to new heights, regain your zest for life and blast your way to a New You!

Shrink Your Stomach

This is the heart of the system. Lead your mind to believe that you have a Gastric Balloon in your stomach. You will feel full much sooner, experiencing feelings of satisfaction and contentment after much smaller amounts of food than you would normally eat. You'll be able to eat WHAT you want, WHEN you want, but you'll do it in a completely different way.

An Attractive New You

Do you yearn to live your life fully but feel bound by old fears? Do you find that every time you manage to lose a even a few pounds you regain them almost immediately? This session rapidly deals with emotional issues and triggers that keep the scales heading in the wrong direction - and eliminates anything holding you back from the New You that you deserve.

Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Once you reach your goal weight, follow the easy and highly effective Maintenance Program. In order to maintain your new slim figure you just need to listen to your soothing, relaxing session once or twice a week, reinforcing those mental barricades that you have created, safeguarding the New, Healthy You and keeping the weight off permanently! This time there is No Going Back!

S.O.S. Stamp Out Stress

In this session, we eliminate the stress that causes diet sabotage. Whenever you feel as though the stresses of the day are beginning to lead you in the direction of the food cupboard, find a quiet place, put your headphones on and listen to this soothing session to keep you on the right track and give you the support that you need at times like this.

Thin For Life

This session can be used at any time; before you begin the program, during the weight loss phase, or when you have reached your goal - in fact at any time you feel you need an extra boost. It builds motivation - like lighting a fire inside you! You will be focused, on target and impossible to stop. People will rapidly notice the changes in you.

Alisha A - Gastric Hypno Balloon Member
“I’ve dropped over 55 lbs and I have never felt better about myself.”
- Alisha A